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Readers are led step-by-step through the history and techniques of creating beautiful and rare Russian heirloom shawls with this detailed guide.The Orenburg Shawl (or wedding ring shawl) is a finely knit lace-shawl made with down-hair of Orenburg goat and a base thread (usually cotton or silk).Orebnurg shawl is one of the classic symbols of Russian handicraft, along with Tula Samovar, Matrioshka, Khohloma painting, Gzel, Palekh, Vologda lace, Dymkovo toys, Rostov finift (enamel), and Ural malachite.Gossamer Webs Design Collection, by Galina Khmeleva, is design interpretation of three Orenburg shawls. The sample shawl and stitch and border dictionary are excerpted from Gossamer Webs and combined with instructions for the diamond triangular shawl, the Pine Tree Palatine Scarf, and the Medallion Square shawl.Exclusive Orenburg shawl. by Galina Khmeleva. 31 projects, in 78 queues overall rating of 4.2 from 12 votes. average difficulty from 15 ratings. About this yarn Golden Line Baby Kid Extra Solid. by Filatura Di Crosa. Light Fingering 80% Mohair, 20% NylonOrenburg region is located in the south of Ural in Russia. Orenburg is famous for its downy shawls, mainly known as Orenburg downy scarves and pashminas. Lace shawls out of down have been created in the region for over 300 years. Orenburg goat yarn is one of the thinnest in the world, the down hair of Orenburg goats is only 14-18 micrometers.A friend and student of the late Orenburg lace master Olga Fedorova, Galina has taught the techniques of Orenburg spinning and knitting throughout the world for over 20 years. She is the author of numerous articles on Orenburg lace, and with carol noble wrote gossamer webs: History and Techniques of Orenburg Lace Shawls (InterweaveOur unique shawls are created following ancient production methods and centuries-old designs, making them a great accessory for every fashion style. Orenburg Shawls. Once used solely in Russia, Russian scarves and Orenburg Shawls are gaining popularity all over the world for the amazing variety of their shapes, designs, colors, and materials.The Orenburg Shawl is a Russian knitted lace textile using goat down and stands as one of the classic symbols of Russian handicraft, along with Tula Samovar, the Matrioshka doll, Khokhloma painting, Gzhel ceramics, the Palekh miniature, Vologda lace, Dymkovo toys, Rostov finift (enamel), and Ural malachite

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