galvanized tension control bolts

ASTM F3125 covers high strength structural bolts including Grades A325 and A490. These bolts are designed for steel-to-steel structural connections and include heavy hex bolts and tension control bolts. Birmingham Fastener houses the nation’s largest inventory of structural bolting components, both domestic and imported. Custom sizing is.As a high strength tension control bolt distributor, AFT offers ASTM A325 and A490 TC bolts in bolt sizes ranging from 5/8" up to 1" and lengths from 1-1/2" up to 7". The finishes include plain and galvanized for additional corrosion protection. Tension Control Bolt Fastening SystemGrade 5 Hex Tap Bolt Zinc Yellow. TENSION CONTROL BOLTS A325 Galvanized Tension Control Bolts A325 Galvanized Tension control bolts usa A490 Plain Tension Control Bolts. TOGGLE BOLTS Toggle Bolt Acoustical Zinc. U-BOLTS Domestic U-Bolts Pipe U-Bolts Plain U-Bolts Square U-Bolts Stainless Steel U-Bolts Zinc Plated U-BoltsUsing TC Shear Wrenches Will Save You Time and Money. Tension control (TC) bolts are the most popular structural fasteners in North America. Sometimes called twist-off or Lejeune bolts, they are designed with a spline that shears off when it reaches the proper level of tension.Tension control bolts carriage bolts elevator bolts Lag Screws Plow Bolts Step Bolts tap bolts heavy hex Bolts, Galvanized, and various platings available upon request "We live by the philosophy that the customer comes first, before our shareholders. Too often these days the drive to please.Dimensions for Tru-Tension Bolts dome head tru-tension fasteners From Nucor Fastener Tru-Tension Assemblies are manufactured to ASTM F1852 (A325 equivalent) or ASTM F2280 (A490 equivalent) standards in the United States using domestically produced steel. Each Tru-Tension Bolt is pre-assembled with an ASTM F436 Hardened Washer and a Heavy Hex Nut.Complete line of Structural Fasteners; TC Bolts, Hex and LeJeune Bolt’s exclusive F3148 TNA Fastening System, Anchors, Rods, Hardware and Stud Welding supplies.A325/F1852 Tension control bolts mechanical galvanized Domestic. Tension Control Bolts or TC Bolts are a heavy duty bolt-nut-washer assembly used in steel frame construction. The TC Bolt head is not designed to be driven. The end of the shank has a spline, when engaged by an electric shear wrench it prevents the bolt from turning while the nut is tightened.

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