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The eb-5 immigrant investor program modernization regulation (RIN 1615-AC07) has been published today in the Federal Register as a Final Rule.The final rule is effective in 120 days, on November 21, 2019.The following is a list of current eb-5 (immigrant investor) regional centers by state. The list will be periodically updated. To update information for your approved regional center, the official point of contact (POC) for the regional center should contact USCIS at: [email protected] . · For many years, China was the main EB-5 consumer, and as a result, EB-5 developers would put most of their efforts in marketing their projects in Asia. But things have changed. EB-5 visas were issued to Latin Americans in 2018 in at more than double the rate of 2016, with the increase being mainly driven by Brazilian and Venezuelan investors.Apr 12, 2019. Manhattan’s new luxury mega-project was partially bankrolled by an investor visa program called EB-5, which was meant to help poverty-stricken areas.. The best way to follow. EB-5 Projects come in all shapes and sizes. The typical EB-5 investment in today’s market is a real estate.

This video,, can also be seen at it will bring you a step closer to getting an EB-5 visa and funding. Make It Easy For Potential Investors: One of the best ways to acquire EB-5 visa funding from potential investors is making things simple for them. The first step is applying for USCIS exemplar status to pre-approve your project.A U.S. filmmaker, with the help of immigration, tax and financial advisers, can find a foreign investor already working. For Chinese or Indian investors who have not yet applied for EB 5 visas,USAdvisors and investUSA360 are hosting an EB-5 Verified Projects event to allow project managers who have had their projects verified by us to be able to present their current offerings, team and answer any questions from the audience. There will be a number of EB-5 Project Managers on hand to present their investment opportunities and answer questions from both a live audience as well as.They said, “If I share my new customer attachments, my competitors will be able to cherry-pick my best customers. If I share.