insulin potentiation therapy is part of integrative oncology

This video,, can also be seen at potentiation therapy or IPT is a part of integrative oncology and is used successfully in treating cancer. Also known as low dose chemotherapy, wasn’t always named IPT.IPT is an in-office treatment whereby insulin is given to lower the patient’s blood sugar to the point where we feel that cancer cells are very eager for some sort of "food." This point was termed the therapeutic moment by Dr. Garcia, and it is at this point when we strategically give several different chemotherapy agents.insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) is believed by many to be one of the easiest ways to target cancer cells without using high doses of chemotherapy. IPT is an integrative cancer treatment that has very little side effects.In the coming years, if IPT gets the scientific substantiation to prove its theory, then it probably will become part of the authorized cancer treatments. However, right now it has inadequate scientific evidence and research in its support, and therefore professional oncologists don’t recommend insulin potentiation therapy.A third alternative treatment also targets cancer’s use of glucose in the body. insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) makes use of orthodox drugs – insulin and chemotherapy – in an innovative fashion. IPT uses off-label insulin much like a diabetic uses it – help deliver glucose from the bloodstream to cells.The method of insulin potentiation therapy was empirically invented in 1930 from Mexican doctor D. Perez Garsia, who was applying it successfully for the treatment of chronic and oncology diseases for 41 years.List of Clinics in the United States Offering Alternative Therapies. and general conditions. They specialize in preventive medicine including Insulin Potentiation Therapy. The clinic focuses on the successful treatment of chronic disease and pain, and can help with adjunctive cancer.Dr. Henning Saupe, founder of the Arcadia Clinic in Bad Emstal Germany, has spent the last 25 years treating cancer patients with holistic, naturopathic, and integrative therapies. dr. saupe is an expert in insulin potentiation therapy, hyperthermia, botanical and low-dose chemo infusions, PEMF therapy, oxygen and ozone therapies, detox and.Insulin Potentiation Therapy – IPT Low Dose Chemotherapy IPT low dose chemotherapy is a kinder gentler cancer chemotherapy treatment option with significantly fewer side effects. More than 50% of people who receive conventional chemotherapy will die from the side effects of the chemotherapy, from cancer itself.