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If you need a medical malpractice attorney in Baltimore, contact the Law Offices of Sloane L. Fish, LLC, at 410-246-0006 to schedule a free consultation.. George’s County and many other Maryland venues has joined Shulman Rogers’ Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Group. Ms. Ward, who has been recognized by Maryland Super Lawyers for many years,Christopher T. Casciano, an associate attorney with Brown & Barron, is a seasoned litigator and trial attorney who has spent his entire legal career fighting for the most seriously injured victims of medical malpractice, nursing home negligence and abuse, birth trauma, cerebral palsy, wrongful death and other catastrophic personal injuries.I am a licensed attorney (Maryland, Virginia, DC), certified fraud examiner (nationwide), and registered private investigator (virginia). Before starting my own law practice, I was a National Park.Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers Dedicated to Advocating for Victims . Sometimes, it seems as if life is just an accident waiting to happen. A car or truck crash, a medical error, a construction accident, or a slip and fall on someone else’s property can change the course of an individual or family’s life in just a few seconds.The majority of lawyers that handle personal injury cases such as medical malpractice and specifically birth injury cases handle them on a contingency fee basis. Contingency fee basis means you do not pay the lawyer for their services out of your pocket.Medical malpractice defense attorneys represent physicians and medical businesses that are defending liability for injuries created during treatment. No matter your circumstance, use Super Lawyers to hire a local medical malpractice lawyer. The super lawyers listed here are recognized by their peers for their professional achievements.At Arfaa Law Group, we provide diligent, compassionate representation to Maryland residents who have been harmed by the negligence of a health care provider or are suffering a devastating injury. Based in Baltimore, our knowledgeable medical malpractice lawyers are committed to making the process of seeking compensation as seamless as possible.Birth Injury Malpractice The worst type of medical malpractice is the kind that affects our children. Pregnancy is a stressful time for mothers- and fathers-to-be, and that stress is multiplied when something goes wrong and a child is born with life-changing disabilities.Joseph Lakoskey’s attorney argued that an anesthesiologist left him dangerously dehydrated before surgery at North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale. settlement involving a catastrophic birth.