Why Market And Keyword Research Tools Are Such A Great Investment

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Niche research tools is usually one of the most significant investments you may make if you’re seeking to have a successful Web-based business. Why is this? Please read on below to comprehend precisely why possessing a quality keyword research tool can truly determine your prosperity with an internet business.

Keywords = Traffic = Earnings

Not many people argued that making a successful SEO (search engine optimization) campaign is among the guidelines on how to get free traffic over to your web page. The 1st step to developing a successful SEO campaign is choosing the best keywords to focus on that may lead potential clients to your web page to find relevant information they are searching for.

The trouble that lots of people don’t understand, is precisely what choosing the best keywords means. While yes, every internet business owner on earth want to rank for keywords such as “make money online” or “buy product x” that costs $3000, it might be very difficult, otherwise impossible, to achieve this.

This is when buying one of many different quality market and keyword research tools available online can give you a edge against your competitors against other sites inside your marketplace. Using a great niche research tool will allow you to find keywords that countless people online are looking for, but they not many other websites on the net are targeting.

There are actually literally keywords available that have hundreds or a huge number of searches monthly with only five to ten other websites seeking to rank their sites to them. For you, the ability to access keywords such as these will allow your company to view thousands of potential clients each day.

I’m sure that you could imagine exactly what your website could use several thousand unique visitors every single day. It’s not very difficult. Upon having the traffic getting into your site to suit your needs so that you can turn that traffic into cold hard cash.

Because of this, developing a quality keyword research tool is one of the best investments that one could make should you be determined to succeed with an online business. The keywords that you are able to get will result in driving far more traffic through search engines like google to your website, and ultimately turning that traffic into more profits and better earnings for your site along with your checking account for a long time to come.

As you can see from the information given above, operating a successful SCO campaign is probably the best ways to get free targeted visitors up to your websites. Using a great keyword research tool with your toolbox is the easiest way to determine exactly which keyword you have to be targeting to get those visitors in your site.

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What You Need To Know About SEO – The Newbie Short Guide

If you are nervous about SEO because you always read that it is impossible to do, then you really need a reality check. As long as you're focused on getting quality results, you will put in the hard work that is required to boost your rankings.

You will most definitely need to be motivated to make this happen for you, and there is no getting around that. If you are just getting started, then you have some pretty basic questions in mind, we are guessing. If you choose to read this article, then the lesson contained will serve you well if you use them.

You cannot have Flash on your site, or should not, if you want to rank very highly as it is a definite no-no. You will have enough of a challenge getting your site ranked without having Flash, and having it will make it all the more difficult. Search engine spiders cannot read Flash, and therefore pages that are built in it don't rank well, so it's better to stick to the plain old HTML page that is readable. You do what you want in this case, so we just wanted to make you aware of this fact. Now let's turn out attention to the images on your pages because they are useful. There are a few things you can do that will give you a few more SEO points. Include a relevant keyword or phrase in the image ALT tag which is part of the file name, but do not keyword stuff. So if you're taking advantage of it, you're obviously going to get something more out of your SEO. Just be sure you avoid trying to do anything tricky here because it will not be effective.

If you want to boost your efforts with ranking, then focus on your site content and make it good. If you think about what people are searching for on the net, mostly, it is solid information which means content. There are many ways to fulfill the content needs of people, and it is not always about the written word although it usually is. Besides this, you won't have to work 'extra' hard for the backlinks when you're getting them just like that. There are mainly two ways to create content for your site; outsourcing it to freelancers or spending the time yourself to write it.

SEO is a dynamic area even if there are a few aspects that have not totally changed. Of course things change usually as a response to what people do to defeat or work around the requirements Google has. Make sure you know what you are doing before you begin your first blog or site, and that will prevent headaches. You can have the business of your dreams and rank number one in Google – but you need that fire in your belly, first, and know how to keep it there.


Using IFTTT For SEO and Automated Link Building

IFTTT stands for If This Then That and is a “stupid simple” web based app that can be used to create recipes, or cause and effect actions. In other words, you can set triggers and actions; if “this” happens, then “that” happens.

IFTTT is a robust platform for many recipes that you can create limited only by your imagination. One of th emost comprehensive guides for using IFTTT as a marketing tool can be found here:

The Ultimate List of IFTTT Recipes for Marketers

Here at SEER, we’re big proponents of scaling and automating as many tasks as possible so that we can spend the bulk of our time strategizing for our clients. So, we’re huge fans of IFTTT.

If you’re not familiar with IFTTT, it’s simple. IFTTT is a free tool that you can use to connect different digital applications to make life easier. For example, you can automatically save your Instagram photos to Dropbox, or have the forecast texted to you each morning, or automatically tweet your blog posts, or about a zillion other cool things.

While IFTTT is a great tool for social media automation and lots of everyday life stuff, here at SEER, we believed it was capable of much, much more. So we had a handful of hackathons and a whole lot of testing to come up with some brand-spanking new IFTTT recipes that will help you gather marketing intelligence and make strategic decisions for your brand.

And now we’re ready to share them with you! If you’ve never used IFTTT, then you’ll find some instructions at the very bottom of this post. If you have, then let’s get to it! Read full article here…

Search Engine Journal also has a guide for how to use IFTTT for marketing purposes:

10 IFTTT Recipes to Make You a Better Marketer

A Quick Summary: How IFTTT Works

IFTTT stands for “if this, then that.” The tool has been around since 2010 and has steadily been gaining popularity ever since. The tool is completely free and works to help you look for certain triggers that happen within social media, as well as other platforms. The triggers you have to choose from are over 132 channels such as Facebook, Email, Buffer, Evernote, and many, many more.

You can choose one trigger and then choose the action that you want to happen when that trigger occurs. In other words, you create what is called a recipe: If this trigger happens then that action will occur. Below is a screenshot from IFTTT that shows how it works: See full posts here…

For a quick guide on how to use IFTTT for SEO, check out the following video titled “IFTTT SEO – Automated Backlink Building”:

So you can see that IFTTT can be used to help automated many tasks and is particularly helpful for SEOs and online marketers. Take some time to get familiar with this powerful and free application.

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What You Need To Know About SEO – The Newbie Short Guide

The kind of traffic numbers that are possible with SEO can be the stuff of legend, but of course it depends on things being right. Even though all that is true, you must stick to what works without deviating and without getting lazy in your efforts. If you don’t set the foundation right, then how do you expect to have long term results? Just hold off on starting your site until you know what you need to do – you will avoid a do-over. This article is really for those who are new to IM and SEO, so let’s get into the meat of the matter.

In order to get valuable feedback about your efforts, it is necessary to know your exact rankings in the search engines. If you want to see the very best results with your backlinks, then do the boring work and make it an every day habit. Much depends on your niche and your keywords, and that will determine a lot as far as how fast or slow you move up, or down, the rankings. SEO will keep you honest, if you use white hat methods, because you cannot let it go and expect to keep your position forever.

It is quite normal to have mistakes when you are just beginning with anything. However, with that said we do have to mention that you simply must learn why things went wrong because you never want to repeat it.


It is all part of the learning process, and there is a curve to all things in online marketing. Another point is that you need to make sure you learn the real nuts and bolts of SEO from a qualified teacher with credibility.

There are lots of methods for getting backlinks to your site from various social media sites. When you use this approach, try to include really good anchor text for added power. This is something you can easily outsource, and we recommend you do that very much. Another important benefit from social media is you should target your niche so you can gain good traffic potential.

Now you know a few of the basic things about doing proper SEO, and rest assured there is a lot more to this interesting field of marketing. Of course things change usually as a response to what people do to defeat or work around the requirements Google has. So if you take the time to get a solid grounding in the basics of SEO, then you will in a good position to continue. You can have the business of your dreams and rank number one in Google – but you need that fire in your belly, first, and know how to keep it there.

How to Build Credibility With Proactive Reputation Marketing

There is no doubt that as we continue to move further into web 3.0 and the web continues to evolve, so does the expectation level of consumers when searching online for companies to do business with.

Just a short while ago all a local business needed to generate leads was to be ranked high in the search engines, namely Google, for the search terms that their potential customers were searching for.

Now, however, ranking high in the search engines isn’t enough as searchers have become more sophisticated and look for evidence, i.e. social proof, that a company is worthy of their money.

In the following article by Marcus Miller, he explains in detail how much consumers demand from online searches, especially when searching for a local business:

Online Reviews, Reputation And How To Become Super Credible

Marketing has changed for local businesses. The big, yellow books of yesterday are all but dead and buried. Today, searching for a local business will most likely start on a mobile device, and the selection process goes far beyond a simple print advert with some clever sales copy.

Customers can now tap into a rich tapestry of reviews, testimonials, case studies and social media to determine a business’s credibility.

The local business landscape is more competitive than ever, and a positive reputation can be the key factor in standing out. Studies are now confirming that reviews are a trusted, critical component of generating business from local search with as many as 9 out of 10 users referring to reviews before contacting a local business.

Rather than go over the process of generating reviews, I want to detail a mindset we have used with businesses to build credibility that goes way beyond simple reviews. See full post here…

So as the previous article clearly made the case for working on generating positive customer reviews and being proactive in building your business’s credibility, the following post by Doug Kessler explains how we must avoid the temptation of making false claims in our marketing:

7 Ways to Be Insanely Honest in Your Marketing

In Velocity’s latest SlideShare, “Insane Honesty in Content Marketing,” we argue for a little-used but hugely powerful strategy: taking the worst attributes of your company, product or service … and highlighting them for all to see.

I really, really, REALLY believe in this approach and I’m amazed more brands don’t practice it.

If you haven’t seen the SlideShare yet, check it out below. I’ll wait.

Click here to read the rest of this post…

Now those were two distinct ways to market your business by leading with your reputation. But how do you know if you’re making any progress?

Well first off, you should see an increase in business! I mean if your reputation marketing is working, you should be able to quantify it by first seeing an increase in leads generated, and more importantly, conversions and sales.

Second, you can monitor the web for “brand mentions” so that you can be notified every time your business name is mentioned (for better or for worse) on the web or in social media:

5 Tools to Monitor Your Online Reputation

Do you know what people are saying about you?

Are you checking your company’s social mentions daily?

Finding and addressing negative reviews and comments can be a challenge.

In this article I’ll share five tools that help you monitor what people are saying about your company, products and staff.

Get all 5 tools for monitoring brand mentions here…

So there you have it. You’re now equipped with several unique ways to proactively manage your business reputation and have the ability to monitor the web for mentions or comments. You’re on your way to giving the more sophisticated, web 3.0 savvy consumer the validation they seek before making a purchasing decision. Reputation marketing will help you to stay competitive in today’s online business environment.

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