the 99 of trump supporters

Unlimited Digital Access: Only $0.99 For Your First Month.. That – again, look at the studies – is what Trump supporters elected him to do. So while, it is admirable to think.3 days ago. Kenny Stills isn't backing down against Trump supporters, even his. He firmly believes “Cash Money Records takin' ova for da '99 and da.An MSNBC host is calling for the movement that brought president donald trump to the White House to be "utterly confronted and destroyed.". On Thursday night’s edition of "All In," msnbc host chris hayes ripped into Trump and his supporters saying that at a recent Trump rally – at which the north carolina crowd chanted "send her back," in reference to Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar.I support donald trump, Washington, District of Columbia. 1M likes. Donald Trump speaks the truth to the political establishment, which is why Democrats.Supporters are using MAGA hats and umbrellas to ward off the sun as they wait for President Donald Trump to arrive.99 Trump supporters clash during Independence day festivities in Washington DC Two men drew a crowd when they loudly argued with each other during the fourth of July celebrations at the National Mall in Washington DC.Godwin’s Law "Make no mistake, 99% of Trump supporters are 1938 Germans, 1920 Italians, or 1990’s Serbs." [SH] ( ) submitted 3 months ago by FuckDanSnyder69Times Moderate GOP/Ask me about infrastructureThat’s a hard pill for those progressives who have kin or friends among Trump supporters. We love who we love, even when they – or we – are small, unkind or disappointing.. Only $0.99 For.The chant was directed by Trump’s supporters at the rally toward Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, a Somalian refugee whom Trump has frequently criticized. unlimited digital access: Only $0.99 For.The Trump supporters I spoke with were friendly, generous with their time, flattered to be asked their opinion, willing to give it, even when they knew I was a liberal writer likely to throw them.He doesn’t have to support it," King said. such as Netflix’s premium $15.99 service President Trump blamed video games for the rise in gun violence, but research doesn’t back up such claims "When.

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